Basic handgun operation & safety

Build your confidence with our basic handgun operations and safety course. This course covers the best safety practices, shooting fundamentals, range rules, firearm cleaning, and more



This course is one of the three required courses to receive your CCW permit in the State of New Jersey. This course covers the fundamentals of firearm safety including handling, shooting, and maintenance

Upon successful completion, students will have a good understanding of the best firearm practices and will receive a certificate of completion from the USCCA



-> Duration: ~4 hours

-> Type: In person

-> Target audience: Individuals interested in bettering their understanding in firearms handling and maintenance

-> Prerequisites: None

-> Credentials: Students will obtain a certificate of completion issued by the USCAA

-> CEU information: N/A

Our basic handgun course gives you the confidence you need to be a responsible gun owner

Safety first, always

Establishing a strong foundation begins with understanding and prioritizing safety. Learn the cardinal rules of firearm safety, safe handling, and storage practices to ensure a secure environment for yourself and others.


Sight alignment

Uncover the secrets to achieving precise shots by mastering sight alignment and sight picture. Understand how to align your sights correctly for consistent accuracy.


Firearm familiarization

Get acquainted with the basic components of a handgun, including different types, parts, and their functions. Understanding your firearm is crucial for safe and efficient use.


Trigger discipline

Dive into the nuances of trigger control – a critical aspect of accurate shooting. Learn how to manipulate the trigger smoothly to minimize disruption to your aim and improve shot placement.


Grip and stance

Explore the proper grip and stance techniques that provide stability, control, and recoil management. A solid foundation in grip and stance significantly contributes to accuracy and overall shooting performance.


Breathing and follow-through

Discover the importance of controlled breathing and follow-through in maintaining accuracy. Develop techniques to stay focused and execute well-placed shots consistently.


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New Jersey
Concealed Carry Bundle


  • ~9.5 hours + range time (total)
  • Includes all required classes; basic handgun operation, home defense, use of force, and range qualification



  • 2.5 hour course
  • Understanding how to avoid conflict and awareness of your surroundings
  • Learn the psychology behind violent encounters
  • Dive into the legal aspects of using deadly force; including knowing what to do in the aftermath
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