New Jersey approved Concealed Carry classes & range qualification

Take our Use of Force training & perform your range qualification to be eligible to obtain your CCW permit in the state of New Jersey

Course information

On July 18, 2023, The New Jersey State Police unveiled new updates, introducing a mandatory "Use of Force Interim Training for Private Citizen Concealed Carry" training developed by NJSP. as well as a "PTC Safe Handling and Proficiency Certification"

To meet both these imperative requirements seamlessly, Public Safety Training of South Jersey is now offering these courses through our state approved firearms instructors. Additionally our range qualification program ensures compliance with the latest standards set by the New Jersey State Police.

Take charge of your safety by enrolling with us and fulfilling these newly mandated criteria effectively. Stay informed, stay trained, and stay secure with Public Safety Training of South Jersey.

Additional course information:

This course, which will make you eligible to apply for a CCW permit, is a 3-4 hour in person class which is followed by a trip to a range to perform your qualification. All students that successfully pass will receive, in addition to a certification stating that you have completed the requirements, additional materials including your fingerprints on an FD-258 card and photographs which is required to continue the application process

A valid Firearms Identification card with current address
Valid photo ID
A holster designed for concealed carry
A pistol of your choosing
At lease 100 rounds of ammunition

**We do not have ammunition available for purchase on site**

Range qualification requirements

Fire 10 rounds from

3, 5, 7, 10, and 15 feet

on an FBI Q target with at least a total of 80% accuracy

The participant must demonstrate safe holstering and unholstering during the shooting course, which must include safely drawing the weapon from a secured holster before firing at each of the required distances and re- holstering after completing the round.

The participant must demonstrate proficient and safe reloading during the shooting course

Applying for your CCW

The State of New Jersey has transitioned to an online portal for applicants to submit their application for a CCW permit. The portal can be accessed by visiting
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