Frequently asked questions

General information

What classes do you offer?

We offer a variety of classes related to EMS, Dispatch, Fire, Police, CPR and First Aid.  Courses range from Initial Training for Dispatchers and Emergency Medical Technicians.  We also offer continuing education for EMS, Dispatch, Fire & Police.   General public classes include CPR, First Aid, Babysitting Courses, & Stop the Bleed.


Where do I register and how do I pay?

All courses we offer can be registered for and paid on our website under register now.  Locate the course you need, click register and complete registration form.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover through our website.  

Can you invoice my agency (Police, Fire, EMS department) for training?

Yes, Purchase Orders may be utilized when registering – You must provide a contact name and email for the invoice to be sent to billing department.  

Where are the classes held?

Our training center is located at 858 S. White Horse Pike, Hammonton, NJ.  Suite 8


EMT Course Questions

When do EMT classes start?

EMT Classes start at various times of the year.  Generally, January / June / September.  Course dates can be found on our website at – click on schedule now to locate the next class.  Students must first register as a prospective student for the application process.

How old do you have to be to take the EMT class?

State regulations require students to be 16 by the first day of class – no exceptions.

Is attendance required for every day of EMT class?

Yes, if a class is missed it must be made up per NJ Regulations.  Make up classes are an additional expense to the student.   More than 2 absences may result in removal from the course.

Is there any prerequisites for EMT class?

Yes, you must have a Healthcare Provider CPR Certification prior to the course start date.

What days are the EMT classes held?

Our Hammonton Locations is Monday / Wednesday / Friday 8:30-4:30
ACCC in Cape May County is Monday / Wednesday 6-10 and Saturdays 8:30-4:30

How do I register for the Cape May County EMT class?

Contact ACCC Workforce Development at 609-343-5655

Dispatcher Course Questions

Do I have to take both the 911 & EMD class

No, you don’t have to take both at the same time, but you do need both to get a job dispatching in NJ.

Does the 911 certification expire?

No, your 911 certification does not expire.

Do the EMD classes have emt continuing education credits?

If you are an EMT you can get 21 credits for the EMD class.

Do I have to be with a department to take the 9-1-1 or EMD course?

No, you don’t have to be with a department to take the courses.

CEU Questions

What CEU classes do you offer?

We offer a variety of CEU classes – they are all listed on our website at

I don’t need the CEUs, can I just attend the class?

Everyone that attends the class must be registered through our website for any classes you want to attend.

I saw a class on the state site is it open to anyone? How do I register?

Yes, our classes are open to anyone.  You can register by going to our website at, click on schedule now, choose the course you want to attend and click register.