Our home defense class has a lot to offer new and experienced gun owners alike. This class will provide you with a deeper level of understanding when it comes to being your family’s first line of defense.



Are you considering a concealed carry permit for personal defense? Maybe you’re a permit holder looking for a refresher course. Or, like many other Americans, you want to learn more about firearms before buying one to protect yourself or your loved ones. This course dives into several areas of focus including:


Handgun basics and shooting fundamentals

Understanding how to avoid conflict and awareness of your surroundings

The psychology of violent encounters

The legal aspects of using deadly force (including knowing what to do in the aftermath)

Home security and home defense



-> Duration: 4 hours

-> Type: In person

-> Target audience: Individuals seeking to further their skills and knowledge in home defense as it pertains to firearms

-> Prerequisites: None

-> Credentials: Students will obtain a certificate of completion issued by the USCAA

-> CEU information: N/A

Home security assessment

Develop a new understanding the vulnerabilities and strengths of your home. Learn how to conduct a thorough security assessment to identify potential weak points and implement strategic improvements.


Communication and coordination skills

Establish effective communication strategies with family members during a home defense situation. Learn how to coordinate movements and actions to ensure a unified and organized response.


Creating safe zones

Explore the concept of creating safe zones within your home to maximize protection during a threat. Understand how to fortify specific areas and establish communication plans with family members.


Non lethal approaches

Understand the value of non-lethal options for home defense, such as pepper spray, tasers, or other less-lethal tools. Explore scenarios where non-lethal force may be appropriate.


Firearm selection and storage

Delve into the considerations for selecting a firearm suitable for home defense. Learn safe storage practices, accessibility methods, and the importance of keeping firearms secure yet readily available.


Emergency response planning

Develop comprehensive emergency response plans for various scenarios, including break-ins, medical emergencies, or natural disasters. Ensure that you and your family are well-prepared for any situation.


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