Emergency Medical Technician
Initial Course

Join our new Hybrid class this! In person skills sessions and exams with online assignments and weekly live lectures presented by Dan Limmer, the Author of Emergency Care 14th Edition. Successful students will graduate with an Emergency Medical Technician certification

About the class

Public Safety Training of South Jersey holds EMT certification programs in various southern NJ locations.  The program can run from 2-3 months.  Students will be required to register with the New Jersey Office of Emergency Medical Services Certification System and NREMT during orientation. This course is open to candidates interested in obtaining the necessary skills and education to provide emergency medical care as an entry-level prehospital health care provider. This program will enable successful candidates with the proper training and critical thinking skills to obtain their EMT certification through the State of New Jersey by preparing the student for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) exam.

Certification qualifies the candidate for various volunteer and career positions available throughout the State of New Jersey and other states recognizing NREMT or NJ certification. EMTs are widely used in hospitals, ambulances, patient transport units, racetracks, sports stadiums, concerts, and bike teams.

This course follows New Jersey Administrative Code Title 8 Chapter 40A – Emergency Medical Technicians – Basic: Training and Certification.  Students completing course requirements will also earn certificates in I-100 Incident Command, I-700 National Incident Management System, I-907 Active Shooter, Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking, Hazardous Materials Awareness, CBRNE Awareness, and WMD Awareness.

Students are required to have health insurance, complete a health record with vaccination confirmation by medical professional and a criminal background check must be completed to attend required clinical time.  These items will be the financial responsibility of the student. Any student not providing this information will not be eligible for clinical rotation and will not complete the course.

  • Age 16 years or older
  • Current Professional Level CPR/BLS card
    • CPR Course will be held prior to course for students that need certification
  • Ability to read/write to a 10th grade level

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